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volunteer Background check

​Who Is This For

  • Monthly Volunteers

  • Event Volunteers

  • Short-term Mission Volunteers

  • Deacons & Deaconesses
  • Short-term Interns

  • Contract Service Providers

What Is Included

  • Identity Confirmation - SSN, DOB & Alias

  • National Sex Offender Search

  • National Criminal Records Search

  • County Criminal Verification Search

*All positive finding are confirmed with the origination source or agency


Questions for your team

  • What does a sexual predator look like?

  • Is he one of your volunteers, on your staff or payroll?

  • Could you drop annual fees and save over 20%?

  • Is your background check provider a partner?

  • Are you at risk?

Staff & New Hires

Who Is This For

  • Pastors & Spouses

  • Staff Elders

  • Ministry Staff

  • In-country Missionaries

  • Mission Agency Directors

  • Staff Coaches

  • School Principals

  • Seminary Presidents

  • Staff Counselors

This is the highest level background search available to our ministry partners and requires a confidential consultation with our background specialist team.

This is provided specifically for potential candidates for hire in places of visible authority.

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