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Welcome to First Coast Churches' Pastoral and Leadership Applicant Background Check submission page. 

*Please copy and paste the actual link to your social media profiles below including Reddit, TikTok, and SnapChat. If you don't use any of the social media platforms below, please leave  blank.
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For technical support or other questions, please call or email Vigilant at:
415-475-3996 or

*By submitting the information below you agree with and authorize Vigilant to run a background check on the information supplied.

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Enter background check information below. All fields are required.

*If the form does not submit, a required field has been left blank.

*After clicking submit, you can submit for another paid background check.

For FCRA information, click here.

Social Media Info

Please submit any of the social media handles you currently have below, even if you're not currently active in using them. 

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