What does Vigilant Ministry Partners ("VMP" or "Vigilant") do?

Vigilant Minstry Partners, or "VMP", or "Vigilant" provides the service of running background checks for organizations, specifically, but not exclusively for the nonprofit sector. This can be general nonprofits, sports teams, or a religious affiliated entity. Vigilant focuses primarily within these verticals and rarely works with commercial enterprises. Vigilant provides background checks on applicants within these organizations who most often are volunteers. The background check product captures individual information that's deemed "sensitive data" and uses national databases to produce results for the organization (the client). Vigilant does not provide background check reports to the individual unless it's requested, as the client, the organization is who is requesting the report. Vigilant offers background checks for volunteers, general personnel, emplyee applicants, motor vehicle seaarches ("MVR"), and also assists in interviewing applicants. Vigilant also has a third-party partner who does investigations when there's a need to look into anything a client may be requesting.

Data Collection & Uses

Vigilant captures sensitive personal information in order to be able to produce the background check reports requested by its client, the requesting organization. The data collected always consists of the following: 1. First, Middle, and Last Name 2. Date of Birth 3. Gender 4. Mailing Address (NO PO BOX) 5. Social Security Number 6. Mailing Zip Code 7. Email of who to send the report to 8. Driver's License # only if the client requested an MVR 9. Payment Information When Paying for Your Order Each applicant acknowledges when they fill out Vigilant's online submission form that in so doing, they are granting Vigilant permission to run a background check with the information provided and this serves as their disclosure that a background check will be ran on their behalf for the reuqesting organization. This data is then used as a "data pull" with the associated databases which provide the search results. We also receive, collect and store any information you enter on our website or provide us in any other way. In addition, we collect the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet. For example, our data and analytics can see your IP address, where it's located, and what page on VMP's site you're visiting. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here that it has been updated, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it.

Third-Party Privacy

Vigilant in no way provides third-parties with any data. The only recipient of any data is the client who receives the final report, not the actual sensitive data provided by the individual applicant. Vigilant does not use personal data submitted as any source of revenue or supplies it to any third-party for any use.

Minors & Data

Organizations who use Vigilant occasionally have minors (an individual under the age of 18) who volunteer within their organization. When this occurs, the minor's parent must submit on behalf of the minor their personal information.

Individual Rights

Under FCRA and individual data rights, the individual has the right to not supply Vigilant with the needed data to run their background check. They also have the right to request their report at any time. If the individual does not want to supply the needed information, Vigilant will notify the client, the organization, and they will engage the individual from there. Vigilant does not work directly with individuals, but at the organizational level.

Data Storage & Holding Period

Vigilant stores its data in the cloud via secured servers. The data is backed up and accessible upon request. The sensitive data collected is stored for 5 years. However, the individual report is stored forever as Vigilant has a legal liability to its clients to store record of the report and be able to generate a copy upon request at any time.

International Applicants

Vigilant can only run a background check on an individual with a valid social North American security number. While it is possible to pursue an international background check, many jurisdictions do not have the records or individual validation records or databases to run a suitable background check. When we receive an international applicant, we notify the client as to not being able to fulfill the background check unless they have records in the US or Canada. If the client wants Vigilant to pursue the request internationally, we proceed from there, but this requires a longer turnaround time and additional charges.

Privacy Policy