Background checks can grow stale and put you at risk. For some, this can mean re-running hundreds or even thousands of volunteer or ministry team background checks. With Vigilant, you can get this done quick, easily, and in a cost-effective manner, stewarding the resources God has provided you.

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Bulk Reverification. A Vigilant Product.

  • Update Background Checks 1-3 Years

    Stale background checks put you at risk. Standard updating is every 2-3 years.

    When is the last time you updated all current volunteers?

  • Bulk Reverifying = Bulk Discount

    Vigilant understands ministry and nonprofit budgets. We're able to offer a significant discount in a bulk offering with our Re-Verify product. This allows you to remain secure while not greatly affecting your annual budget.

  • Easy Upload. Fast Results.

    Vigilant makes it easy for you anyone we work with to allow their ministry team or volunteers submit their information. Or, for the ministry person who handles background checks to upload everyone at the same time.