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Training Marketplace

Below is a list of reviewed, vetted, and highly recommended training curricula we encourage you to demo and consider using. 

At Vigilant, we believe we are the best at what we do. Training is an area we believe is critical to organizational and child safety, but we believe there are others who do this extremely well. In fact, we raise an eye of caution to those in our industry who do what we do and also offer training and believe it suffices to meet the needs of your organization. These types of highly specified and complex trainings should be left to experts in these fields, of which we are not. Instead, we want to promote them to you. Many of these are made available for free or at attractive rates.

Some may be more fitting for your church or nonprofit. 

For Church Training on Sex Abuse Prevention

Church Cares

Ministry Grid


For Church Training Curriculum for All Age Groups

The reThink Group - Think Orange

For Home Child and Teen Social Media and Device Monitoring


Kid Guard

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