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Why Background Checks

Why? Background checks identify and document public information for a person or entity.

Initial & Annual. Background checks are most effective when utilized as an initial vetting requirement as well as an annual renewal strategy for all staff and volunteers.


Strategic Prevention. Staff and volunteers with routine and long term contact or the potential for personal and private relationships with children require the closest scrutiny.

Hardening the Target. Vigilant Ministry Partners understands that background checks are a necessary element of a vigilant child protection plan. We utilize the most forward thinking resources and aggressive techniques available to build the most thorough protection possible between your organization and those that prey on our children.

Background checks most commonly include court records at the following levels:

  • County 

  • State

  • Federal

Background checks may also include:

  • National Database Searches 

  • Social Media & Internet Mining

  • Education Verification

  • Employment Reference Checks

  • Intentional Interview Practices

  • Other Character Confirmation Techniques

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