background checks for churches, mission agencies and nonprofits.

Local Churches

Pastors, Children Ministers, Youth Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, ALL Volunteers

Mission Agencies

Mission Directors, Staff, In-Country Missionaries, Short-term Missionaries, ALL volunteers

Schools & Non-Profits

Principals, Teachers, Headmasters, Coaches, Deans, Professors, Admin, ALL Volunteers

the problem

Child and student sex abuse poses a constant threat within nonprofit and faith-based organizations.

the solution

A vigilant safety strategy begins with prevention through background checks.

volunteer Background check

​Who Is This For

  • Monthly Volunteers

  • Event Volunteers

  • Short-term Mission Volunteers

  • Deacons & Deaconesses
  • Short-term Interns

  • Contract Service Providers

What Is Included

  • Identity Confirmation - SSN, DOB & Alias

  • National Sex Offender Search

  • National Criminal Records Search

  • County Criminal Verification Search

*All positive finding are confirmed with the origination source or agency


Questions for your team

  • What does a sexual predator look like?

  • Is he one of your volunteers, on your staff or payroll?

  • Could you drop annual fees and save over 20%?

  • Is your background check provider a partner?

  • Are you at risk?

Need a volunteer application? Download Vigilant's for free.

Key Person Screen

Who Is This For

  • Pastors & Spouses

  • Staff Elders

  • Ministry Staff

  • In-country Missionaries

  • Mission Agency Directors

  • Staff Coaches

  • School Principals

  • Seminary Presidents

  • Staff Counselors

This is the highest level background search available to our ministry partners and requires a confidential consultation with our background specialist team.

This is provided specifically for potential candidates for hire in places of visible authority.

a minute of prevention is worth hours of cure

join the


Using us for your background checks and hiring needs not merely makes you vigilant. It changes the culture around child protection and organizational safety. If this excites you and you're interested in being part of this within your nonprofit, church, or faith-based organization, click below to learn more about how you can join us.

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