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background checks for nonprofits, churches, and mission agencies.



the problem

Child and student sex abuse poses a constant threat within nonprofit and faith-based organizations.

the solution

A vigilant safety strategy begins with prevention through background checks.

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Using us for your background checks and hiring needs not merely makes you vigilant, it changes the culture around child protection and organizational safety. 

a minute of prevention is worth hours of cure

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Vigilant has partnered with Fact Finding Ministry to conduct the most robust and thorough third-party investigations when the need arises.

This is a team of passionate, veteran investigators who have pursued the truth for victims and clients where that has been confirmed abuse or accusations on a global scale.

Fact Finding Ministry serves international mission organizations, churches, non-profit organizations, and schools providing a holistic response to both current and historical allegations of abuse.

*Vigilant is not an investigator. We partner with Fact Finding Ministry to be able to offer these services.

To learn more about whether you should pursue an investigation due to an incident, click below to submit confidential incident information.

Truth. Compassion. Restoration. Service. 

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